Monday, June 18, 2007

Nomad Restaurant, Manhattan

Another restaurant I have been reading a little about is the Nomad Restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan. They have a combination of French and North African cuisine, and the prices seem to be pretty good, with most entrees being around $15 or so. And judging from the photos I saw, The Nomad looks very intimate and cozy, so it should be a good place to go on a date. The tajines (stew with herbs and spices) sounds really good, as does the couscous and pastilla dishes.

Again, if anyone has been to The Nomad, let me know what you think. Thanks very much!

Here is the address for The Nomad:
The Nomad
78 2nd Avenue
New York (East Village), NY, 10003

The phone number is:
(212) 253-5410

And here is the Web site for The Nomad:

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