Monday, June 18, 2007

Avi Taam-Tov Restaurant, Manhattan

I have been reading a bit about a place in the Diamond District of Manhattan called Avi Taam-Tov. It sounds like it is a bit like the Diamond Dairy of New York Restaurant, which is in the same neighborhood; both are literally hidden from the general public, and both specialize in Kosher food. And while the Diamond Dairy of New York is in the back of a jewelry store (one flight up, overlooking the store through a plexiglass window), Avi Taam-Tov is on the third floor of a building in the Diamond District, with little in the way of signage indicating that the restaurant is there.

If anyone has been to Avi Taam-Tov, I would love to hear what you thought of the place. Post a message here if you have a chance. Thanks!

The address for Avi Taam-Tov is:
Avi Taam-Tov
46 W 47th Street
New York (Manhattan), NY, 10036

The phone number is:
(212) 768-8001

And here is the Web site for Avi Taam-Tov:

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