Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe's BestBurger, Queens (Flushing)

When it comes to hamburgers, fresh is almost always better, which is probably why Joe's BestBurger (their spelling, not ours) in the Flushing section of Queens gets such good reviews for their burgers. But it's not the only thing that is fresh at this local favorite; the cheese they use is fresh, as are the veggies they put on their burgers. And the fries are handcut, which is also a big plus. In fact, the only negative about Joe's BestBurger might be the fact that it is so far away from Manhattan that if you're visiting that part of the Big Apple only, it may be rather difficult to get to this independent fast-food joint (Flushing is nearly 10 miles from Times Square).

The menu at Joe's BestBurger is pretty simple and straightforward; big, juicy burgers with fries, with the option of getting a single, double, or triple burger. Joe's also offers chicken sandwiches, and if you like cheese on your fries, you indeed can get that here. And for drinks, in addition to the standard sodas and bottled water, you can get shakes, including a hot fudge shake.

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Here is the address for Joe's BestBurger:
Joe's BestBurger
39-11 Main St
Queens (Flushing), NY, 11375

The phone number is:
(718) 445-8065‎

And here is the Web site for Joe's BestBurger:

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