Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jarnac Restaurant, Manhattan (West Village)

The West Village of Manhattan is a restaurant lover's dream, with nearly every kind of dining spot imaginable along its narrow, charming streets. And one part of the West Village that is perhaps visited a bit less--and hence an area packed with hidden gems--is the northwestern section of the neighborhood that borders the Meatpacking District. Within this area, and near the end (or beginning!) of Bleecker Street around the corner of W 12th and Greenwich Street, sits a highly-rated French restaurant called Jarnac. Small, unpretentious, and hidden away from the busier streets nearby, Jarnac is a warm and cozy looking place that fits in well with one of the most picturesque (and quiet) sections of Manhattan.

Jarnac features mostly contemporary French food, serving only dinner every night except for Sunday, when they offer a brunch. The menu at Jarnac is constantly changing, partly because fresh (and often seasonal) ingredients are used. Some sample menu items that are featured from time to time include fish pie, roasted confit of duck leg, pan-roasted pork chops, panko-coated jumbo soft shell crabs, and braised beef short ribs. Sample appetizers include squash and leek soup, ricotta dumplings in brown butter, and duck rillettes.

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Here is the address for Jarnac Restaurant:
Jarnac Restaurant
328 West 12th Street
Manhattan (West Village), NY, 10014

The phone number is:
(212) 924-3413

And here is the Web site for Jarnac:

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Closed Saturday 27th, June 2009.