Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DuMont Restaurant, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

Like burgers? Well, you're not alone. But where can you find a good burger in Brooklyn? Sure, there are a number of excellent pizza places, tremendous Italian restaurants, and all kinds of ethnic dining spots, but places with decent burgers sometimes seem to fly under the radar in this borough. One place that comes to mind is an American restaurant in Williamsburg called DuMont Restaurant. Now they have much, much more than just burgers at DuMont, but their burgers sure do seem to be mentioned a lot.

DuMont has a classic old-school look to it, with dim lighting, an old tin ceiling, and a well-worn tiled floor. Out back there is an outdoor garden area as well as a section called "the treehouse" at the back end of the outdoor area. The menu features burgers that come with a number of cheeses (including gruyere), but you can also order other items such as a hanger steak, roasted chicken, and macaroni and cheese, as well as various specials. And if you'd like an alcoholic beverage, both the wine list and the cocktails list are quite extensive at DuMont.

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Here is the address for DuMont Restaurant:
DuMont Restaurant
432 Union Avenue
Brooklyn (Williamsburg), NY, 11211

The phone number is:
(718) 486-7717

And here is the Web site for DuMont Restaurant:

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