Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Burro Cafe, Queens (Forest Hills)

Authentic Mexican food can be great, but sometimes you just want food that leans more toward the Tex-Mex side of things. Unfortunately, for many people, the only nearby options for this kind of food are chain restaurants, some of which are not good at all. So that may be partly the reason why 5 Burro Cafe in the Forest Hills section of Queens is such a popular place with locals. It is an independent spot with some authentic Mexican touches inside the place, and is a favorite for both food and drink.

5 Burro Cafe is a fairly small spot that is located just south of Queens Boulevard near where the Grand Central Parkway and the Van Wyck intersect. It is far enough away from Manhattan (more than 5 miles away, actually) to be a spot that few visitors to the Big Apple will ever get to see. The menu at 5 Burro Cafe consists of all the items you might expect at a Tex-Mex place, including enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, and chimichangas. Prices for entrees aren't that bad, with most items being between $10 and $20. 5 Burro Cafe also has an extensive drink menu, including very large pitchers of margaritas.

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Here is the address for 5 Burro Cafe:
5 Burro Cafe
7205 Austin Street
Queens (Forest Hills), NY, 11375

The phone number is:
(718) 544-2984

And here is the Web site for 5 Burro Cafe:

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