Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tides Seafood, Manhattan (Lower East Side)

There are some truly great seafood restaurants in Manhattan, but many of them are so popular that it is nearly impossible to get a seat unless you have reservations. But if you are ever in the Lower East Side of the city, there is a seafood place that receives some very high praise and yet is far enough away from the crowds that it is possible to get a seat there on a moment's notice. The restaurant--Tides Seafood--is the hidden gem if there ever was one.

The atmosphere at Tides Seafood is uniquely appealing, as the layout of the place is funky and modern, and at the same time casual and comfortable. And the menu is every bit as impressive as the decor, with such items as mussels and chorizo stew, baked red snapper, bouillabaisse, roasted cod fillet, and fresh Maine lobster. Prices are a bit high for a casual seafood place, with entrees generally between $20 and $30, but the freshness of the seafood is probably worth the extra money. Please note that Tides Seafood is cash only, so make sure you hit the ATM before coming to this spot.

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Here is the address for Tides Seafood:
Tides Seafood
102 Norfolk Street
Manhattan (Lower East Side), NY, 10002

The phone number is:
(212) 254-8855

And here is the Web site for Tides Seafood:

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