Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lomzynianka Restaurant, Brooklyn (Greenpoint)

A little while ago, we mentioned a Polish restaurant in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn called Karczma. Well, as we had mentioned in that posting, Greenpoint is home to a good many Polish people, so you would think that there would be other Polish dining spots in the area. Well, there are, including one just north of McCarren Park (and a few blocks south of Karczma) called Lomzynianka Restaurant.

Located on bustling Manhattan Avenue, Lomzynianka is a fairly small place that serves simple, honest Polish cuisine. Prices are dirt cheap, with entrees generally being well under $10. Pierogies and blintzes are two of the specialties at Lomzynianka, but there is so much more on their menu, including stuffed cabbage, goulash, kielbasa, viener schnitzel, tongue, boiled hocks, and meatloaf.

If you have been to Lomzynianka Restaurant in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, please tell us about it by posting a comment here. Thank you!

Here is the address for Lomzynianka:
Lomzynianka Restaurant
646 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn (Greenpoint), NY, 11222

The phone number is:
(718) 389-9439

And here is the Web site for Lomzynianka Restaurant:

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J Gott said...

i LOVE lomzynianka (pron WomzuhniANka). The interior looks like those old trailer park classrooms we had in public school to address student overpopulation.

Its decorated with random beautiful things like an antlered deer head, fake flowers, and paper streamers. The food is always hot, simple and delish. Pretty much the restaurant of my dreams.