Monday, November 3, 2008

O Lavrador, Queens (Jamaica)

Portuguese restaurants, while plentiful in parts of neighboring New England (especially around Fall River, New Bedford, Providence, and Cambridge), are relatively difficult to find in and around New York City. But there is a Portuguese dining spot in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens called O Lavrador Restaurant that has quite a local following.

Just a short drive from JFK Airport, O Lavrador is a good alternative to the chain restaurants that can be found around this area. The atmosphere at O Lavrador is a mix of traditional Portuguese and old-school New York, and the menu features such dishes as chourico, octopus, collard green soup, chicken cutlets, codfish stew, shrimp and rice, and sirloin steak with ham and egg on in brown sauce.

If you have been to O Lavrador in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, please let us know by posting a comment here. Thanks!

Here is the address for O Lavrador:
O Lavrador Restaurant
138-140 101st Avenue
Queens (Jamaica), NY, 11435

The phone number is:
(718) 526-1526

And here is the Web site for O Lavrador:

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