Friday, March 13, 2009

Casa Romana, Queens (Sunnyside)

Queens has a fairly large Romanian population, with many living in the Sunnyside section of the borough (just east of Manhattan, along Queens Boulevard). And not surprisingly, there are a number of Romanian restaurants in the area, including one with a mix of authentic Romanian cuisine and traditional entertainment called Casa Romana.

Located right on Queens Boulevard, Casa Romana is easy to get to from Manhattan, especially if you have a car and there is little traffic, in which case you can get there in maybe 5 minutes from Midtown East. The atmosphere is old-world European, with a cozy, intimate feel. The menu at Casa Romana features a variety of Eastern European and Romanian specialties, including stews, stuffed mushrooms, pork chops, and sausages. Prices are mostly moderate.

If you have been to Casa Romana in the Sunnyside section of Queens, please let us know by posting a comment here. Thanks!

Here is the address for Casa Romana:
Casa Romana
3920 Queens Boulevard
Queens (Sunnyside), NY, 11104

The phone number is:
(718) 784-4768

And here is the Web site for Casa Romana:

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