Monday, January 12, 2009

Gargiulo's Restaurant, Brooklyn (Coney Island)

Thanks to an acquaintance of mine who grew up in Brooklyn, I have been concentrating on that borough of late, and this entry is no exception. Gargiulo's Restaurant, in his opinion, is a can't-miss place, and while it is anything but hidden to Brooklyn locals who have been coming here for years and years, folks outside of Coney Island and the rest of the borough might not know much about it. But Gargiulo's is purely old-school; an Italian restaurant where people feel like they are stepping back into the early or middle 1900s. From the huge space to the old-fashioned red sauce dishes, Gargiulo's Restaurant is indeed a throwback.

Because of its spacious digs (room for up to 400), Gargiulo's is a popular spot for weddings, as well as all kinds of parties and functions. And for those heading to Gargiulo's for a simple night out, their menu is quite extensive, with all kinds of soups, salads, and appetizers, and a number of instantly familiar dishes such as homemade ravioli, lasagne, and manicotti; several risotto dishes; entrees with sausages, chicken, pork, veal, beef, and seafood; and a variety of desserts including homemade cheesecake.

If you have been to Gargiulo's Restaurant in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, please tell us about it by posting a comment here. Thank you!

Here is the address for Gargiulo's Restaurant:
Gargiulo's Restaurant
2911 West 15th Street
Brooklyn (Coney Island), NY, 11224

The phone number is:
(718) 266-4891

And here is the Web site for Gargiulo's Restaurant:


DENNIS said...

flew to new york from uk with my wife for st patrick parade 5 years ago, stayed at new yorker.
site seeing via subway visited coney island (out of season) and needed to eat.
apart from fast food joints this was the only restaurant open.
fantastic atmosphere (like a gangster movie) and good food.
hope to return.

bears22 said...

After hearing a great deal about the restaurant and never before eating there, I made reservations for my Mom's birthday. Everything from the get-go was a negative. We were a party of seven and were placed in the back room of the restaurant. The service was terrible (the bus-boys did not even clear the table of extra plates) the waiter was unattentive, and neglected to do the basics to ensure a good experience. Drinks were not refilled and the waiter dissapearred for the majority of the night. The food arrived over one hour after we ordered and was not the correct order after it arrived. The meat was overcooked (even though it was ordered as medium-rare) and the pasta was bland and the wrong type of pasta as well. The night was a disaster. The waiter was unapologetic and did nothing to at least make amends for the countless errors.

MissVee said...

I went there about 6 years ago with my coworkers for a holiday gathering. The food was awesome and I returned with my family on another occassion. I no longer live in NY and I plan to visit this month I would love to take my parents there. I hope they are still in business homestyle Italian food like someone's momma made it! The service was not as I would have liked it to be but maybe if they are still in business it has improved!