Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Liman Restaurant, Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay)

The Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn is an interesting neighborhood with great water views, quiet side streets, and a downtown area that feels like a small town in some ways. But few would call Sheepshead Bay a true restaurant destination, especially compared with other sections of Brooklyn. Yes, there are some cozy neighborhood spots, but for diners looking for a wide variety of places to eat, neighborhoods closer to Manhattan such as Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, and Carroll Gardens might be better options.

If you do happen to be in Sheepshead Bay, however, there are a handful of choices that locals and visitors alike tend to frequent; one of these is a Turkish seafood restaurant called Liman. Located right on the bay, the restaurant combines interesting dishes with outdoor dining in warmer months to make for a terrific overall experience. Some of the items on the menu include eggplant salad, pan-fried anchovies, lentil soup, royal durado, baked flounder, Turkish meatballs, and octopus casserole. The wine list at Liman is impressive, with options available from Turkey and the Republic of Georgia, as well as several other countries.

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Here is the address for Liman Restaurant:
Liman Restaurant
2710 Emmons Avenue
Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay), NY, 11235
(718) 769-3322

And here is the Web site for Liman Restaurant:

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